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Faith is like a Muscle!

How are you doing? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of working out. I want the flat tummy, but I love ice cream especially from Cold Stone (OMG that’s my love language lol) I want the abs, but I don’t want to work out. I come up with 101 excuses sometimes not to workout! During quarantine I asked my homegirl if she wanted to start going to the Redskins stadium and work out and she automatically agreed. The first time it was cool but after a while we started to grow, more and more friends wanted to join. I started to gain accountability, spend time with my friends AND my slowly achieve my body goals.

One day Holy Spirit started to speak to me and reminded me that my faith is like a muscle. The more I work it the more it grows. It’s easy to say I trust God but when I get into a situation the first thing I start doing is tripping in my mind, grow worry and start to doubt God. But honestly in this season is where our faith is built, developed in the middle of the setback. God has already worked everything out for us! He is waiting to see if we really trust Him or not. Let’s just say the more I worked out the more I started to see my body goals manifested. However, when I doubted the process because it hurt or because I was tired my body stayed the same!!! Guess what that’s the same thing with out faith!!!! The more you work it, the more you trust the process and God- the more you will see His goodness.

Continue to have a great week on purpose!

Peace out,


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