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God turned her mess into a beautiful message

Hey Friend I’m Ro, 


the Founder and CEO of Krowned by God. Graduate of University of Maryland Eastern Shore Undergraduate in Exercise Science; Master of Science in Sports Management. Like many people, Ro left God's will for her life because she wanted to experience the world’s way of life. Krowned by God was birthed to her January 2018 by God in a vision. In January 2018, she made a promise to God to truly live her life for him and she never looked back since. Krowned by God allows her to use her testimony to make an impact towards today’s millennials, showing others how to overcome their obstacles. God turned her mess into her beautiful message, showing others you are not alone, and you don’t have to seek validation from individuals who NEVER MADE you. Your testimony is worth sharing and why not share your story to help others overcome?


Krowned by God was given to me at the beginning of January 2018 by God. "Growing up, I had a difficult time seeking validation from society, especially males. But it wasn't until I truly gave myself to God THAT I realized I never needed validation from a man to tell me anything about who I am or whose I am". It wasn't until I received fresh revelation and knowledge from God. Therefore, I no longer seek validation from a man or any external resource, instead I can look within and turn to the word of God to receive the validation I need. I want you to also feel good about yourself knowing what God’s word says; how He cares, and loves you every second, every minute, every hour of the day. Despite your mess, despite how you feel, despite what you are going through, know that GOD still loves you!  His love is unconditional and will never change, unlike man! 

Remember, God loves you and so do I!                 


xoxo, Romeika


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