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Sis, I'm Not Okay !

Hey Sis,

I pray you are having an amazing week and guess what? It is only getting better! To be honest sis, how many of us have never just been okay? Sis do you realize that some days we will not feel your best. Some days we will not want to be bothered or some days we actually might not be okay. Sis, recently I had that moment honestly, I was not myself and I was not okay.

How many of us realize that it’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to be in touch with our feelings and not want to be bothered but we can’t stay in that mood, we can't allow our feelings to get the best of us.

My therapist always remind me that I am human, I have feelings and I have emotions to allow myself to feel but don’t stay in my funk. Give myself a time frame to be in that moment. However, once that time frame is over fix my crown and keep it moving.

Sis, tune into my latest podcast where I share my story about how I was not okay but how I overcame my moment.

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