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You Can Have It, But You Have to Wait!

Hey Friend,

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!!! I just want to say thank you for subscribing to my blog I truly appreciate the love and support; I am beyond grateful. How are you doing this week? I pray that your week is going great so far and it is getting better day by day. Being in quarantine I have seen so many challenges on Tik Tock come forth like the savage challenge and others like the stank walk challenge. One of the challenges that I have enjoyed watching is the fruit snack challenge. Have you seen it? This challenge is normally with a toddler and the adult opens a pack of fruit snacks in front of the child and tells the

child don’t eat it. Of course, the child automatically tries to grab the fruit snack, but the adult tells he/she to wait—you can have one just wait til I come back and leaves the room. The adult leaves the child, some children wait patiently, and some are tempted to eat the fruit snacks but the challenge of the children willingness to delay gratification and obedience. I watched a few videos and thought this was too cute, but one video spoke so loudly to me and I had to share what Holy Spirit gave me!

In one video I saw a baby girl reach for the fruit snacks her parents told her to wait. They left the room and the daughter sat there for a good thirty second, started to get impatient and wanted to grab some fruit snacks. She got up from her seat and got in front of the fruit snacks and just stared at them, she waited patiently. However, she grew impatient she grabbed a fruit snack and put it back down than she grabbed it again and put it in her mouth and sat back down. After a few seconds her parents came back into the room. When thinking about this challenge it reminded me of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible. If you don’t know the story, God promised Abram and Sarah a son, but they were getting old. Sarah started to get impatient and thought God forgotten about them because they were over the age to produce children in the natural. But when God promises us something, He will see it through! Sarah gave her husband permission to have S-E-X with their house maid Hagar, of course Abraham did exactly what his wife told him to do. Now you know she was desperate because no way I will encourage my HUSBAND to have sex with another woman AND tell him to produce a baby with this lady! Abraham and Hagar had a son together Ishmael, a few years later Sarah gave birth to their son Isaac. Once Sarah had her own son, she made Abraham tell Hagar and Ishmael they had to leave. Abraham went to God and GOD told Abraham to do what his wife said and I will protect Hagar and Ishmael. This bible story correlates with the fruit challenge in so many ways.

Automatically I heard Holy Spirit share this is how many of us as “believers” are with our faith. We say we trust God but when we ask Him for directions and He tells us to wait, what do we do wait or make things happen ourselves. Sarah began to grow impatient in her wait season and she made things happen. During the waiting season we can dig deep, develop our faith, lean on GOD and not on our own understanding. When we fully depend on Him, we can have the fruit snacks and more. No matter what season you are in your life whether it’s the waiting season or rejoicing season make the decision to fully depend on God. Once we enjoy the season we are in and give it over to Him we will see our life change for the better. Trust God’s plan and not our pain. Before we know it, we will be like the children after they receive the fruit snacks and after waiting patiently, they knew the adult would reward them for their obedience. I challenge you to Trust God and know that if I am waiting for a reason that the blessing will blow my mind.

Let’s Goooooooo,

God got you, stay faithful in the waiting season!

Love You,


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