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What Race are you Running?

Hey Friend,

How is your day? Are you doing okay- are you truly okay?

Every day is different for me, I have learned to set weekly goals. I have decreed and declared that this is the year that God blew my mind! Guess what faith without works is dead. Everything I need in life, God has already equipped me and it is inside of me. However, it is up to me to use what God has for me. Many times, we can look on social media and see other people getting ahead in life but guess what that is not your journey. RUN YOUR RACE!!!! We all have different marathons to run, comparing ourselves to the next person isn’t going to push us but delay our journey. Don’t think you will start the race and immediately end up at the finish line, that’s not how life works we must train our bodies-some progress is progress. When I wanted to start my blog, I would see my friends starting their YouTube channels, podcasts and get discouraged because I didn’t have my website up. Guess what, that wasn’t my race to run. I was discouraged and believed God had forgotten all about me. The minute I shifted my focus and got back into the race, I remember everything God promised me. But I had to re-align my focus and shift my attention back on the end prize.

The moral of the story -don’t get discouraged in your journey because it's your journey, run your race, set your 2020 goals and slowly work towards the end -don't be afraid to start. Set monthly goals then set weekly goals, move week to week then month to month. Trust me don’t overwhelm yourself, don’t get distracted be willing to shift your focus and get back in the game. 2nd quarter is just beginning you can do this I am routing for you -Don’t lose focus, we have a generation to conquer. Get back in the game!!! I’m counting on you!!! It's not over!!What did God promise you? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Peace out,


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