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Stop Trying to paint a fairy-tale!

When someone shows you, their true colors believe them for what they really are. I know it hurts, I know you heard the slogan actions speak louder than words.

Stop trying to paint a perfect portrait when in reality you just have an abstract ,I know it hurts, I know you see someone’s potential but guess what you are causing more damage to yourself than they are causing to you. The mind is powerful and

when God shows you someone true

colors believe the artwork.

Many times, I have seen so much potential in a friend, business partners not to mention in a dude but deep down they were hurting me. I knew deep down they would never hurt me or cause this pain, but their actions were speaking louder than words. I had my own depiction of who they were in my mind but in reality, they were the complete opposite. I had to come to terms with myself and snap back into reality to understand that I couldn’t keep allowing this pain to myself -no matter how much I believed they would get it together. Let me say this again, when someone shows you their true colors believe them for who they really are, no matter how good of a person we believe they can be the truth is a person is only going to change when they want - no matter how many prayers we pray to God for change. They are only going to change on their own terms, if you find yourself trying to change a person STOP!!!! Seriously stop, you are only hindering yourself and your growth. Leave them alone, drop the friendship and/or the business partner because the truth of the matter is as time go on the more likely they are unlikely to change and keep taking advantage of you.

I remember being with a dude a few years ago and all I could see was his potential. I knew deep down he was going to be the man I said, I do to but he wasn't the man God had for me. I fell in love with homeboy’s potential and not his reality. As our relationship went on, it got terrible I started losing myself in terms of trying to change him, we became toxic for each other and stuck on stupid like dumb double d dumb. The moral of the story is stop trying to change someone because we believe they will change. Stop trying to see what they will be and accept it for what it really is. NOW don’t get me wrong the right person will become BETTER and will grow with you but that is a different story. I’m saying stop trying to paint a fairytale based off someone who is showing you their true colors. Believe them for what it really is, accept it and move on with your life. It is going to be okay!!!

Leave me and comment and share what you are thinking.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Peace out,


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