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Sis, Stop Being Lazy!

Hey Sis,

Sis, I'm not even going to lie to you, your girl has been straight up lazy lately! Yes me, LAZY!!!!!

I lost my drive to accomplish my goals and to be honest I am the only one who is stopping me. Not my friends, not my mom and not God. BUT ME!!!!! I saw my friends flourishing and it would motivate me to get back on my grind then a few days later I started being lazy again and shared every excuse in the world as to why I did not accomplish my goals! I did not like it- it was to the point where in my daily devotions God was revealing to me scriptures about laziness.

My best friend held me accountable but if I didn’t want better for myself it was no point in having accountability partners.

Sis, tune in to my latest podcast where I share part of my story about your girl being straight up lazy and how I overcame my spirit of laziness.

This episode is a MUST LISTEN (Available NOW on all audio platforms LINK BELOW) Ro brings the fire!

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