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Sis, It's Not Your Fault

Heyy Sis,

I recently went to a church service and it was so impactful. As I was sitting in the service the pastor felt led to do a call for someone who was experiencing emotional trauma. As I sat in my seat I felt my heart sink to my stomach because that was for me. I wanted to get up but my feet wouldn't move but I felt the tug in my spirit to walk my butt to the altar.

I got up and he immediately laid his hands on me and told me they didn't believe me and it was not my fault. That God was giving me a new heart, and I was going to be loved like I never been loved before. And ya girl just cried and cried and I fell to the floor as he continued to minister to me.

Sis, I want you to know what you've encountered is NOT your fault. I do not know the meaning of your story and honestly I don't need to know the details. God knows and He PROMISED you that everything is going to work out for your greater good. That's a promise from God ( Romans 8:28).

Sis tune in to my latest podcast where I share part of my story and we learn that nothing is wasted in God.

This episode is a MUST LISTEN (Available NOW on all audio platforms LINK IN BIO)

Ro brings the fire!!!!!

Episode 12: Sis, It's Not Your Fault

Podcast: Sis, Fix Ya Krown

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