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Sis, Fix Ya Krown

Hey Sis,

It is amazing how many young women don’t understand their worth and have lowered their standards many times to accommodate a man. I can speak boldly on this topic because sis was me! I’ve been there before where I looked at a man to make me feel good. I settled so many times in my love life to accommodate a man to make them feel good. I knew deep down I had no business being with this dude but he made me feel good or was hitting that thing right to be honest.

Sis, you are beautiful, you are dope, you are seriously all that, a bag of chips and a soda plus the lobster. I’m serious queen. When you know who you are you will raise your standards because you understand you are a king's kid you are truly a queen. Stop lowering your standards. It's nothing like a confident woman but a woman of virtue. There is somebody’s son out there praying to God that he meets you. You don't have to beg, chase or blow up baby boy's phone. It will be pure and organic I promise you!

Sis, tune in to my latest podcast where I share part of my story about how I would always turn to a man for a quick fix because I didn’t understand my worth!

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