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Sis, Fix Ya Krown

I am just so amaze how God is using me— little old girl DC Native grew up in Merrrland (Maryland) who many people counted out because of my background and the things I have been through. BUT God makes the foolish things wise…. So what does it really mean when I say- Fix ya Krown! My grandfather told me to keep my big head up so the world can see my pretty smile. Many times I never realized my head was down, I did not understand my worth. I never really loved myself fully. So my crown was never fully on at all times. It was on but a little slanted but never fully on my big head. But now hunty this big head is up, held high because I truly understand my worth to the world. Sidebar: Sis if he does not understand your value and your worth. He is not the one baby girl!!! Stop lowering yourself to keep him. Now back to our regular schedule program, Like really pick your head up so your crown won’t slip. Have you ever heard the slogan stick and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt? Well whoever came up with that slogan lied because babyeeee words hurt. And since I been attending therapy shoutout to Mrs. Kecia ( that’s my therapist, yes I go to therapy and it is nothing wrong with it at all) She has just transformed my life in a short period of time but that’s a different episode lol But I have been really able to become one with my feelings. And words really do hurt. “ You will never be nothing and no man will ever love you” Growing up I had those words spoken over me and I thought hearing them words were okay. I pushed the words in the back of my head and kept moving. I did not think the words affected me but the truth is the words burned, cut and hurted me for years. It made me feel unworthy, I thought I had to sleep with every dude I was messing with to make myself feel loved and appreciated. I never realized I was doing this or had that problem until now, honestly. It sounds unrealistic but that was really me. On the outside I looked put together but in my own reality I was numb to life. I thought I had to give myself to every man because I did not understand my self-worth, self-value and I did not understand that I am a queen. I am the prize and deserved to be treated as royalty. So when I say sis, fix your crown. I want you to know you are a queen. I don’t know what you been through, who has hurt you, or why and what happened to you. But now babyeeee this big head is held high. So when I tell you to keep ya head up so your crown don’t slip. I want you to understand you are royalty! You are God's Masterpiece You are dope You are bomb You are everything and a bag of salt n vinegar chips and more You deserve the best, God's best. Don’t settle for nothing in life especially not in your love life. Yes It happened but that does not mean it has to affect you. Now I am not saying just because It happened does not mean to not to allow yourself to feel. What I am saying is that you are still alive, so that means you still have purpose. Your seed could not/will not die. God has so much in store for you. You are a queen, do not ever let anyone make you feel unworthy. Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. You are royalty, you deserve to be treated as such. Never lower your standards and worth to accommodate a man. When you understand who you are and whose you are!

You will truly know you are a queen and deserve everythingggg this life has to offer you and more. I did not have anyone to tell me words of encouragement when I was going through my mess, nevertheless God sent me here to remind you that you are royalty, you are the bombbbb baby girl. Keep ya head up, the world deserves to see that pretty smile. Yes, you win with the Crooked smile! Smile Queen. It is okay to break down and want to give up BUT that is not your final destination. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Cry those tears queen, wipe your tears and put your lashes back on. You got this sis!!!!!!

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