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Hey Guys It's Your Girl Ro!

First, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I never thought I would start something like this but God’s vision trumps my own. This blog is designed to give you a daily and weekly motivation. Every other Wednesday will be “Wisdom” Wednesdays to help carry you throughout the week. Please be sure to sign-up @ for alerts and my mailing list.

   Allow me to re-introduce myself - my name is Romeika, affectionately known as Ro I am the CEO and founder of Krowned by God. Krowned by God was birthed to me January, 2018 by God in a vision. In January 2018, I made a promise to God to truly live her life for him and I never looked back since. Krowned by God allows me  to use my testimony to make an impact towards today’s millennials, showing others how to overcome their obstacles.

Growing up I was very sheltered I grew up in the church but I really didn’t have a  relationship with God. I knew about Him. Therefore, once I went away to college I was exposed to different lifestyles. I started drinking,smoking, fighting, stealing, almost getting kicked out of college and I lost my virginity. I bounced from boy to boy due to  issues with my dad. I thought every time I was in a relationship with a man I owed him something. Because I did not understand my worth and value. I saw my world spinning fast and out of control. It wasn’t until 2017, when I decided I couldn’t keep living my life the way I was living. In 2018, I promised God I was going to truly live my life for Him. I stopped drinking and smoking and I was  on a path of celibacy. God turned my mess into my beautiful message, showing others you are not alone and you don’t have to seek validation from individuals who NEVER MADE you. Your testimony is worth sharing and why not share your story to help others overcome.

Peace Out,


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