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Broken Crayons still Color

One thing, I learned for sure over the last few weeks is my pain birthed my purpose. I never imagined I would have my own business and mentorship program not to mention my own blog because of my mess but guess what my brokenness is exactly what God is using. Sometimes we see our mistakes and failures as setbacks, but those little things are what God uses to create masterpieces. For instance, I battled with my identity for the longest time because I did not receive that love at a young age.

Therefore, I turned to sex to feel that void and I loved every minute of it. The truth, sex only filled a void for an hour or more afterwards my issues started to slowly creep back into my mind. Sadly, it led me to look for the next pick me up. Fast forward to today, I am able to use my mess to empower the next generation, to show queens that it is okay to have issues, but a quick fix is not going to fill the pain, the void. I believe, first you have to accept the fact that you are in a stage. You must get to the root of the problem- the why you, you do what you do. For me, journaling helped a lot and going to therapy- a therapist. No matter where you are in your journey embrace it, believe you are broken, and believe me these very moments are what God will use to create a beautiful masterpiece. Just remember broken crayons still color.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

I pray this blog encouraged you to keep on pushing in your journey. Better days are coming your way- just believe.

Peace out,


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