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Hey Friend,

How are you doing? How is your week so far? My week is great and it’s only getting better except for one thing. My smoke detector keeps beeping, first it was giving me a warning because it beeped once every few minutes then I knew the battery was about to die. I made a mental note to change the battery soon but of course, I forgot. After a while it beeped every five minutes right then I knew I had to go buy a new battery today! I bought a new battery but a different brand -guess what it didn’t work. Every two minutes i heard beep, beep, beep. I thought it would stop but it didn’t it was louder and louder I got more and more frustrated because it was the smoke detector in my room. Imagine trying to sleep and all you heard was a loud beeping sound, every two minutes. After a while I grew immune to the beeping, but I knew I had to go buy a new battery as soon as possible. Later that week, I was so excited to buy another brand of batteries, I quickly changed the batteries. However, the fire alarm kept beeping -at this point, I was mad. Suddenly, after a few minutes the fire alarm stopped beeping, I was so happy and relieved .

You are probably wondering, why did I write a blog about a new battery in my smoke detector? However, after my smoke detector stopped beeping, Holy Spirit started to speak. It is amazing when things need to be recharged or replaced. I was at a point in my life where I needed a feel good in the moment to help me numb the pain of my past. In return, I would seek external resources to make me feel good -to stop the beeping. But the truth of the matter, I replaced my battery but it was a counterfeit battery that I used to stop the beeping. That's exactly what I did in reality -I ran to have sex with someone (replaced) just to stop the beeping and guess (counterfeit) what it slowly came right back.

After a while, I just became off- all the way -my attitude was nasty, I was not walking in my purpose and I was unhappy. I had a melt down and I realized that I needed to get my battery recharged. I needed the right brand, not an imitation to stop the beeping in my life. My relationship with God was jacked, I turned to external resources to fill me up instead of going to Him, my Source for help. Once I became vulnerable unto God and presented Him my broken pieces, He started to fill me up. I found my peace, regained my joy and so much more. I stopped beeping. When I turned to worldly things to fill me up, it left me broken hearted with trust issues, a nasty attitude, you name it -I had it. The moral of the story -the more we turned to earthly things to fill us we will always have warnings that we need a new battery but it’s only one true battery, one source that can reset us and that is GOD, the Source !!! You too can stop the beeping in your life by presenting your areas of warnings to God, watch how He resets you and He gives you everlasting peace.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Peace out,


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