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Empowering Women

to Live Authentically Through

Faith, Fitness and Fellowship.

"Using my testimony to make an impact into this millennial generation one life at a time."

Meet Romeika J.

Hey Friend I’m Ro. The Founder and CEO of Krowned by God. Graduate of University of Maryland Eastern Shore Undergraduate in Exercise Science; Master of Science in Sports Management. Like many people, Ro left God's will for her life because she wanted to experience the world’s way of life. Krowned by God was birthed to her January 2018 by God in a vision. In January 2018, she made a promise to God to truly live her life for him and she never looked back since. Krowned by God allows her to use her testimony to make an impact towards today’s millennials, showing others how to overcome their obstacles. God turned her mess into her beautiful message, showing others you are not alone, and you don’t have to seek validation from individuals who NEVER MADE you. Your testimony is worth sharing and why not share your story to help others overcome?




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Sis, Fix Your Krown

Sis, Fix Ya Krown is a podcast that digs deep into the life of Romeika affectionately known as Ro. Ro shares conversations of her struggles, choices and lowest points yet declaring Jesus as her personal savior.




This is something this generation is missing……someone they can listen to and get encouragement, motivation, gems, and more from. I will continue to listen to this black queen trying to make a difference in our community! We need more positive influencers in these dark times. Her topics are very relatable regardless of gender or age. Keep up the good work!! I love it!!!!!

I absolutely love how transparent Ro is, I had the pleasure of meeting her in
person and let me just say, she has touched my soul and further sparked my
desire to build a relationship with God, Im so thankful to experience that. I listen to this podcast in the mornings to start my day. It really keeps me reflective and motivated. We need this, keep bringing us this content please

Let me just say that I am ever so proud ofmyou and the platform you have built. Continue to walk in the light, share the light, speak into the light and know that GOD is always with you (but, you already know this). You have shown great courage with sharing the most intimate part of you and I know that it is not always easy to put yourself out there, but you are making it look effortless. YOU ARE INSPIRING!! I know GOD loves you and so do I!!
BTW, your hook is fire!

Enjoyed the transparency! It takes a big person and a healed person to talk about their hurt so openly. Keep motivating others to know they're not alone. We don't need no man to make us feel good! Keep your head up and fix your crown! Love! Love! Love!

Definitely motivates me especially when I'm having days of doubt. Keep up the amazing content and continue to strive for success. This podcast definitely pushes not only women but men as well to find that true self worth.

This podcast is truly an on-time, encouraging word to come across -- no

matter where you are in life at the moment. Romeika is honestly just such an inspiration with how she's so transparent with the moments in her life (the good, the bad, and the indifferent), and all of that brought her the wisdom that she shares every episode. All in all, she speaks from the heart and as the saying goes --"Free people, help free people" and I've definitely received freedom in some areas of my own life just from her own walk, and with these podcasts (especially- "Sis, I forgive you" WHEW). I'm so blessed to have been led here and can't wait for more episodes to come! Woman of all ages can definitely receive whatever they need here, it's a safe space indeed

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